The Bob Audy Tap Experience

Nov. 13-15, 2009

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This past workshop in the Tradition In Tap - Series
was dedicated to the work of Tap Master Teacher:

Mr. Bob Audy

The Bob Audy Tap Experience The Bob Audy Tap Experience

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The Workshop's Poster
Participants Showcase - Program
Workshop Faculty
Workshop Description

This Exciting Tap Workshop Included:
  • Original Choreography taught by the 'Master' himself.
  • Honorary Master Classes by leading tap artists.
  • Participants Showcase.
  • Tradition In Tap - Award Ceremony.
  • Tap History Talks.
  • Video Presentation.
  • Tap Technique.
  • 'Dance Teacher Recognizes' certificate (For Teachers Only).
  • Special Program for Teens and Young Tappers.

The Bob Audy Tap Experience
Bob Audy teaching for Dance Masters of America National Convention, New York City.


Bob Audy has worked in every aspect of show business as director/choreographer for Broadway, television, movies and summer theaters across the country.

As director/choreographer Mr. Audy has worked on over 25 shows, including George M! with Joel Grey, The Unsinkable Molly Brown with Carol Lawrence, The Music Man with Peter Marshall and Edie Adams, No, No, Nanette with Vicki Lawrence, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Carol Baker, Anything Goes with Margaret Whiting and many others.

He has also worked with the St. Louis Municipal Opera, Kenley Players, North Shore Music Theater, Coconut Grove Playhouse, and many other regional theaters.

He was a strong influence on the Broadway Production of George M! and a consultant for the NBC production of the same show starring Joel Grey.

For over forty years Mr. Audy has been one of the foremost teachers of tap dance as well as jazz in New York City sending a great number of students on to professional jobs where the skills they learned from him gave them the goods they needed in the world of show business. As a teacher and coach he has worked with many stars, including Shirley MacLaine, John Travolta, Cybil Shepard, Joel Grey, Diane Keaton, Ben Vereen, Jerry Orbach, Madeline Kahn, Betty Buckley and a host of others.

Over the years Mr. Audy has shared his technique and choreography with virtually every major Dance Organization in the United States, and has also taught workshops in France and Finland.

In 2001 Mr. Audy was awarded the Dance Masters of America - President's Award, and his contribution to the tap world was honored by The American Tap Dance Foundation at Tap City 2003. In 2007 Bob was the proud recipient of the prestigious Flo-Bert Award in New York, which was presented at the annual Tap Extravaganza. He also was the first honorée of the New York Jazz Choreography Project in May 2009.

Twenty years ago Mr. Audy used his skills and began to teach people from outside the dance world. He set up a dance and fitness program for Interep National Radio Sales, Inc., The program flourished and he continued to be the director of it for twenty years.

Bob Audy currently teaches weekly classes of Tap and Jazz in New York City.

  • "Bob Audy has that special gift that makes him a geat teacher and that makes you learn to do things you never thought you could."
    - Joel Grey

  • "Bob taught me everything I know about tap dancing. I love him."
    - Shirley MacLaine

  • "Bob Audy is one of the best tap-dance teachers around."
    - Ann Miller

Tap Book - Front CoverTap Book - Back Cover
Tap Book - Front and Back Covers

Jazz Dancing Book - Front Cover
Jazz Dancing Book - Front Covers

More about Bob Audy can be found at:

Tap Extravaganza Award Presentation
Tap Extravaganza Award Presentation - Bob Audy & Ralph Guild

The Bob Audy Tap Experience
Bob Audy Dancer's at Tap Extravaganza Performance

Workshop Faculty:
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The Bob Audy Tap Experience
  • Bob Audy
  • Ofer Ben
  • Karen Callaway Williams
  • Prof. Anita Feldman
  • Isabel Glasser
  • Prof. Jeannie Hill
  • Dirk Lumbard
  • Avi Miller
  • Lainie Munro
  • David Rider
  • Prof. Clare O'Donnell
  • Germaine Salsberg
  • Randy Skinner
  • Prof. Hank Smith
  • Alan Spaulding

  • Workshop Description:
    The Bob Audy Tap Experience,
    an intensive weekend of exciting events, included:

    Tap Course:
    Bob Audy assisted by
    Alan Spaulding & Isabel Glasser
    • Original Choreography: That's Entertainment
      Bob Audy, assisted by Alan Spaulding and Isabel Glasser taught an original routine named That's Entertainment.

    Honorary Tap Master Classes:
    Karen Callaway Williams, Prof. Anita Feldman,
    Prof. Jeannie Hill, Dirk Lumbard, David Rider &
    Randy Skinner

      Six leading tap artists taught reflections on Bob Audy's legacy through their personal work. Each drew on Audy's influence and contribution to his / her own career.

    Tradition In Tap - Award Ceremony:
    Prof. Jeannie Hill
      Prof. Jeannie Hill presented Bob Audy with the Tradition In Tap Award for: "Outstanding Achievements & Significant Contribution To The Tradition And Art Of Tap Dance".

    Tap History Talks:
    Germaine Salsberg
      Germaine Salsberg, who studied with Mr. Audy, ed the 'Tap History Talks' while interviewing Bob Audy and adding her own personal insight.

    Video Presentation:
    Prof. Hank Smith
      Hank Smith is a well known tap dancer, and collector of video & movie clips. He has an extensive library of material starting from the early days of tap dance. During the Tap History Talks, Hank presented some clips of Bob Audy and of his work, on film and video.

    Tap Exercises:
    Lainie Munro, Prof. Clare O'Donnell, Germaine Salsberg, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben
      Warm-up for each day with Lainie Munro, Germaine Salsberg, Prof. Clare O'Donnell, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben, who led the afternoon and morning tap drills - each with his/her own unique teaching style.

    Participants Showcase:
    Germaine Salsberg
      A happy event concluded this exciting Bob Audy Tap Experience. Germaine Salsberg emceed an informal Participants Showcase at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center in the presence of the 'Master Himself', Bob Audy.

    Tap Extravaganza Award - May 2007Dance Masters Of America Award - July 2001Jazz Choreography Enterprises Award - May 2006
    Tap Extravaganza Award - May 07 | Dance Masters Of America Award - July 01 | Jazz Choreography Enterprises Award - May 06

    Interep National Radio and Interent Company Award - 2004Office Of The President Borough Of Manhattan City Of New York Citation - May 2007
    Interep Award - 2004 | Office Of The President Borough Of Manhattan Citation - May 2007

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience
    Bob Audy with The Paris Tap Company

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience
    Bob Audy conducting a Tap Workshop Helsinki, Finland

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience
    Tap Class at Broadway Dance Center
    with Dirk Lombard on the far right

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience
    Teacher's Workshop, Paris, France

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience
    Tap Class at Stepping out Studios in New York City

    The Bob Audy Tap Experience
    Jazz Dance Theatre Class at Stepping out Studios in NYC

    The Bob Audy Tap ExperienceThe Bob Audy Tap ExperienceThe Bob Audy Tap Experience