Autumn 2010 Tap Experience

Nov. 13-14, 2010

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This past workshop in the Tradition In Tap - Series was:

Autumn 2010
Tap Experience

Pictures Taken in Classes
The Workshop's Postcard
Participants Showcase - Program
Workshop Faculty
Workshop Description

This Exciting Tap Workshop Included:
  • Tap Master Classes by leading tap artists.
  • Participants Showcase.
  • Tap History Talks.
  • Two Adult Programs.
  • Special Program for Teens and Young Tappers.

Workshop Faculty:
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The 'TIT' Autumn 2010 Tap Experience
  • Bob Audy
  • Ofer Ben
  • Dr. Harold Cromer
  • Debbi Dee
  • Jay Fagan
  • Melba Huber
  • Avi Miller
  • Prof. Robert L. Reed
  • Germaine Salsberg
  • Dianne 'Lady Di' Walker

  • Workshop Description:
    The Autumn 2010 Tap Experience,
    an intensive weekend of exciting events, included:

    Tap Master Classes:
    Bob Audy, Ofer Ben, Dr. Harold Cromer, Debbi Dee,
    Jay Fagan, Avi Miller, Prof. Robert L. Reed,
    Germaine Salsberg & Dianne 'Lady Di' Walker

    • Nine leading tap artists taught intensive Tap Master Classes, each in his/her own unique style and carisma.

    Tap History Talks:
    Melba Huber
    • Melba Huber is one of the very few who writes about the history of tap and the many artists who play / played important roles in tap development & growth. She will led the 'Tap History Talks' while interviewing the faculty and adding her own personal insight.

    Participants Showcase:
    Germaine Salsberg
    • A happy event concluded the second day of classes in this exciting 'TIT' Autumn 2010 Tap Experience. Germaine Salsberg emceed an informal Participants Showcase at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center.