The Dr. James 'Buster' Brown
Tap Experience

October 11-13 2002
(Columbus Day Weekend)

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This past workshop was dedicated to the heritage of 'tap legend'
Dr. James 'Buster' Brown
and featured 10 takes on his choreography and technique.

The Dr. James Buster Brown Tap Experience - Brochure

Pictures Taken in Classes
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Course Description

Dr. Buster Brown on the WWW:

More about Buster can be found at the memorial web site:

The Dr. James 'Buster' Brown Tap Experience     The Dr. James 'Buster' Brown Tap Experience

Workshop Faculty:

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The Dr. James 'Buster' Brown Tap Experience
Ofer Ben
Heather Cornell
Harold Cromer
Megan Haungs
Jeannie Hill
Michela Marino Lerman
Avi Miller
Jason Samuels Smith
Hank Smith
Baakari Wilder

and Buster's Friends

Course Description:

The intensive weekend of the exciting
Dr. James 'Buster' Brown Tap Experience!!!

Master Classes:
Baakari Wilder, Jason Samuels Smith & Michela Marino Lerman
All Master Classes were reflections of Buster's legacy. These three rising 'Tap Stars' took original tap steps they learned from Buster in private classes or other events, and incorporate them into their own unique style.

Course 1
"Fascinating Rhythms / Just You Just Me" - Heather Cornell

Heather Cornell studied and performed extensively with Buster Brown over a period of 15 years, both on tour with her company Manhattan Tap and co-starring in the show "Feet First" which toured Canada in 1996. Heather will teach 'Fascinating Rhythm / Just You Just Me', two of the three routines that Buster taught to most of his students and that she performed numerous times with him. The version that will be taught at this workshop was originally created in rehearsals in 1992 with Buster Brown and Heather Cornell, specifically for performances with Manhattan Tap.

Course 2
"Laura" - Jeannie Hill

Jeannie taught 'Laura', an original Buster Brown choreography. Jeannie was a member of 'Manhattan Tap' and worked with Buster when he toured with the group. The version that was taught at this workshop was originally created in rehearsals in 1992 with Buster Brown and Heather Cornell.

Tap Exercises:
Avi Miller & Ofer Ben
Avi & Ofer worked on elements in Buster's technique. These maneuvers where taught to them by Buster in Germany, 1988.

"Ballin' The Jack":
Megan Haungs
Buster loved popular music and social dancing. This song and dance, which dates from 1913 (the year of Buster's birth), was taught by him at the end of all of his classes.

Video Presentation:
Avi Miller & Ofer Ben
A short presentation of Buster in movies and documentaries.

Hank Smith
Hank led a panel of Buster's friends with stories and anecdotes about his long and fascinating life.

Jam Session:
Harold Cromer
Harold hosted a Jam Session at Swing 46, the place Buster called home, with many of Buster's friends and colleagues.