The Four Step Brothers Tap Experience

October 10-13, 2003

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This past workshop in the Tradition In Tap - Series
was dedicated to the work of the Tap Star Group

'The Four Step Brothers'

also known as 'Eight Feet of Rhythm'

ad for the Duke Ellington Orchestra feturing the Four Step Brothers
ad for the Duke Ellington Orchestra feturing The Four Step Brothers

featuring the last living member of the original group:
'Tap Legend' Dr. Prince Spencer

Maceo Anderson and Prince Spencer
Maceo Anderson and Prince Spencer

This workshop is also in the meomory of the creator of this amazing group:
the late great Maceo Anderson

with special appearance by his protégé:
Prof. Robert L. Reed

The Four Step Brothers
The Four Step Brothers of the 1940s,
from left, Rufus McDonald, Prince Spencer, Al Williams and Maceo Anderson,
helped break the color barrier in the world of entertainment.

Vegas Confidential article
Vegas Confidential article

Workshop Included:

  • Two Tap Courses with original 'Step-Brothers' Choreographies.
  • Master Classes from direct protégés.
  • Tap History Talks.
  • Video Presentation.
  • Tap Technique.

  • Pictures Taken in Classes
    The Workshop's Poster
    Workshop Faculty
    Workshop Description

    More about The Four Step Brothers can be found at:

    Workshop Faculty:
    Click on a name for extended bio and pictures

    The Four Step Brothers Tap Experience
  • Ofer Ben
  • Melba Huber
  • Avi Miller
  • Van 'The Man' Porter
  • Prof. Robert L. Reed
  • Robert Reed III
  • Robin Reed
  • Germaine Salsberg
  • Hank Smith
  • Dr. Prince Spencer

  • Workshop Description:
    An intensive weekend of the exciting
    Four Step Brothers Tap Experience,

    Tap Courses:
    With: Dr. Prince Spencer and Prof. Robert L. Reed
  • Course #1:
    Dr. Prince Spencer led a course with material based on routines he did while being part of The Four Step Brothers. Their choreography can be seen in over 40 movies the group has participated in.
  • Course #2:
    Prof. Robert L. Reed taught a course with choreography he studied from his mentor Maceo Anderson, and was used by The Four Step Brothers in their performances.

    Tap Master Classes:
    With: Prof. Robert L. Reed, Robert L. Reed III, Robin Reed and Van 'The Man' Porter
    Four protégés taught reflections on The Four Step Brothers' legacy through their personal work. Each drew on the Step-Brothers' influence and contribution to his/her own career.

    Tradition In Tap - Award Presentation:
    With: Tradition In Tap - Committee Members
    Dr. Prince Spencer was presented with the Tradition In Tap - Award, for: "Outstanding Achievements & Significant Contribution To The Tradition And Art Of Tap Dance"

    Tap History Talks:
    With: Melba Huber
    Melba Huber is one of the very few who write about the history of tap and the many artists who play / played important roles in tap development & growth. She led the 'Tap History Talks' while interviewing Dr. Spencer, and added her own personal input.

    Video Presentation:
    With: Prof. Hank Smith
    Prof. Hank Smith presented some of The Four Step Brothers on film and video.

    Tap Exercises: (total of 3 classes)
    With: Germaine Salsberg, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben
    Our method of teaching tap is based on daily tap exercises. Germaine Salsberg, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben led morning tap drills - each with his/her own unique teaching style.

    The Four Step Brothers