The Dr. Jeni LeGon Tap Experience

May 28-30, 2004

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This past workshop in the Tradition In Tap - Series
was dedicated to the work of 'Tap Legend':

Dr. Jeni LeGon

Dr. Jeni LeGonDr. Jeni LeGon
Pictures from Dr. LeGon's Documentary:
'Jeni LeGon - Living In A Great Big Way'
They will also appear in her soon to be published book:
'On With The Show, Girl!'

This exciting Tap Workshop Included:

  • Original Choreography with the Master herself.
  • Honorary Master Classes by leading tap artists.
  • Tradition In Tap - Award Presentation.
  • Tap History Talks.
  • Video Presentation.
  • Tap Technique.
  • Performance.

  • Pictures Taken in Classes
    The Workshop's Poster
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    Workshop Faculty
    Workshop Description

    from the movie: 'Ali Baba Goes to Town' (1937)
    Picture from the movie:
    'Ali Baba Goes to Town' (1937)

    More about Dr. Jeni LeGon can be found at:

    Workshop Faculty:
    Click on a name for extended bio and pictures

    The Dr. Jeni LeGon Tap Experience
    1936 publicity picture
  • Lane Alexander
  • Ofer Ben
  • Karen Callaway Williams
  • Heather Cornell
  • Melba Huber
  • Dr. Jeni LeGon
  • Michela Marino Lerman
  • Avi Miller
  • Germaine Salsberg
  • Prof. Hank Smith

  • Workshop Description:
    An intensive weekend of the exciting Dr. Jeni LeGon Tap Experience,

    Tap Courses:
    With: Dr. Jeni LeGon
    Dr. Jeni LeGon - assisted by Michela Marino Lerman - taught a course based on her own unique hoofing style.

    Tap Master Classes:
    With: Lane Alexander, Karen Callaway Williams
           and Heather Cornell

    Three leading tap artists taught reflections on Dr. Jeni LeGon's legacy through their personal work. Each drew on LeGon's influence and contribution to his/her own career.

    Tradition In Tap - Award Presentation:
    With: Dianne Walker
    Tap great, Dianne Walker, presented Dr. Jeni LeGon the Tradition In Tap - Award, for: "Outstanding Achievements & Significant Contribution To The Tradition And Art Of Tap Dance".

    Tap History Talks:
    With: Melba Huber
    Melba Huber is one of a few tap historians who write about the history of tap and the many artists who play / played important roles in it’s development & growth. She led the 'Tap History Talks' while interviewing Dr. LeGon, and added her own personal input. Special guests told many stories about Jeni's influence on their lives.

    Video Presentation:
    With: Prof. Hank Smith
    Hank Smith is a well known tap dancer, and collector of video & movie clips. He has an extensive library of material starting from the early days of tap dance. Hank presented some clips of Dr. Jeni LeGon on film and video.

    Tap Exercises:
    With: Germaine Salsberg, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben
    Our method of teaching tap is based on daily tap exercises. Germaine Salsberg, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben led morning tap drills - each with his/her own unique teaching style.

    The Dr. Jeni LeGon Tap Experience
    This picture is from a segment that was part of two movies:
    'Fools For Scandal' (1938)
    and 'This Was Paris' (1938)

    Dr. Jeni LeGon and Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson
    Picture from the movie: 'Hooray For Love' (1936)
    Jeni LeGon & Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson