The Big Apple Tap Festival 2018

Scholarship Program

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The Big Apple Tap Festival is proud to announce an expanded scholarship program, so that more aspiring tap dancers may attend the festival.

Scholarships are made possible by funds granted by:

Tap dancers will be awarded one day, two days, half or the entire Big Apple Tap Festival tuition.

The criteria for the scholarships is based on financial need as well as ability and desire for this type of material.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please fill out the application form, write us a short few paragraphs about yourself, your tap background, what you do, and why you would benefit from this scholarship. Adding a YouTube link of your work would be extremely helpful.

Please Note: All Scholarship recipients are required to attend the entire festival according to their program.

Adult #1, #2, #3 & #4 / Older Teens #2 - Friday through Sunday
Older Teens #1 / Younger Teens / Pre-Teens - Saturday & Sunday

Scholars who will be awarded one day, two days or half the festival tuition, will need to complete the registration and pay the rest of the tuition for the entire festival. Please do not apply for a scholarship if you cannot attend the full festival.

Applying for a scholarship DOES NOT guarantee a spot at the festival. Classes at the festival fill up very quickly, and your desired program might be sold out by the time scholarships are announced. In order to secure your spot in a specific program, you need to register as soon as possible. A refund check will be issued to you if you are granted a scholarship.

Deadline for applications - October 9, 2018.
Scholarship recipients will be announced on - October 22, 2018.

Past Scholarship Recipients
and Work Studies in
The Big Apple Tap Festivals
produced by:

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and The Tradition In Tap Experiences
produced by:

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Ms. Chinwe Abaraoha
Ms. Joanna Abaraoha
Ms. Madison Abreu
Mr. Mark Albrecht
Ms. Angelica Alcala-Herrera
Mr. Xavier Alcala-Herrera
Ms. Kaleah Allen
Ms. Kaylee Anderson
Ms. Devin Arroyo
Ms. Nicole Blase
Mr. Justin Ballasy
Ms. Ivana Barouhas
Ms. Jenna Barricklo
Mr. Jonah Barricklo
Ms. Rebecca Beery
Ms. Anne-Allegra Bennett
Mr. Jeremy Bensussan
Ms. Halima Bleu
Mr. Mark Blowers
Ms. Emily Bockenkamp
Ms. Olivia Boncimino
Mr. Daxton Bloomquist
Ms. Abigail Borrow
Ms. Cassie Brennan
Ms. Jennifer Brennan
Ms. Isis Bruno
Ms. Kiara Burns
Mr. McCall Carlson
Mr. Morgan Carlson
Ms. Darlene Carr
Mr. Ryan Casey
Ms. Victoria Chappell
Ms. Aubrey Cheek
Ms. Suzanne Clandon
Ms. Debi Cocco
Ms. Eva Collins
Mr. Tyler Collins
Ms. Meghan Conley
Ms. Anuska Corbin
Mr. Quenten Couch
Ms. Liz Cousins
Mr. Jonathan Craig
Mr. Matthew Craig
Ms. Gabbi Crane
Ms. Gabbi Crane
Ms. Ashlee Crewe
Ms. Rebecca Deliman
Ms. Marisa DeVuyst
Ms. Alyssa Diaz
Ms. Emily Diaz
Ms. Alexis Dolphin
Ms. Julie Doyle
Ms. Jamie Drew
Ms. Destiny Ductan
Ms. Margot Duffy
Ms. Hannah Eaken
Ms. Amanda Ebert
Ms. Genesis Escoto
Ms. Tiffany Espericueta
Ms. Samantha Fanning
Ms. Grace Fauteux
Ms. Tatiana Fenner
Ms. Isabel Fernandez
Ms. Casey File
Ms. Tabitha Filipski
Ms. Julia Fish
Ms. Barbara Flanagan
Ms. Caroline Flores
Ms. Lauren Foose
Mr. Dominic Franco
Mr. Marcus Carl Franklin
Ms. Mallory Friedman
Ms. Zoe Friedman
Ms. Brina Gabryel
Ms. Kylee Galva
Mr. Paul Giarratano
Ms. Haley Gilchrist
Mr. Glenn Giron
Ms. Brooke Gomez
Ms. Anabelle Gonzalez
Ms. Cathie Gonzalez
Ms. Sarina Gonzales
Ms. Tanya Goodwin
Ms. Kalysta Gregory
Ms. Torie Gregory
Mr. Ryan Gutman
Ms. Saniyah Hall
Ms. Lindsey Hamilton
Ms. Tatiana Harrison
Mr. Traver Hecht-Felella
Ms. Joelie Hedgespeth
Ms. Jaylynn Henriquez
Ms. Jaina Hernandez
Ms. Lauren Hoefer
Ms. Erika Horn-Flores
Ms. Misae Hotta
Ms. Maddie Howard
Ms. Hunter Hutchison
Mr. Kiyoto Inda
Mr. William Jackson
Ms. Samantha Jervey
Ms. Khiana Jones
Mr. Ahmad Jordan
Ms. Aki Kamiji
Ms. Abby Karam
Ms. Shelby Kaufman
Mr. Brendan Kellam
Mr. Landan Kellim
Ms. Jill Kenney
Ms. Madison Kerth
Ms. Keemberly Kim
Ms. Monifa Kincaid-Coaxum
Ms. Yumi Koshigai
Mr. J.P. Krick
Ms. Sariah Latchman
Mr. Dong-Hyun Lee
Ms. Paige Lemek
Ms. Jennifer Leo'n
Mr. Keith Leonhardt
Ms. Stefania Lessen
Ms. Eve Mai-Kar Leung
Ms. Stephanie Lim
Ms. Kristina Linden
Ms. Heather Liposky
Ms. Guiselle Lopez
Ms. Rebecca Lopez
Ms. Ashley Lowman
Ms. Alicia Mack
Ms. Elissa Mack
Ms. Amanda Mak
Ms. Alyssa Mariconda
Mr. Jason Marquette
Ms. Ruth Martin
Ms. Nia Mayers
Ms. Soukay Mbaye
Mr. Adam McKoy
Ms. Maggie McNeill
Mr. Rashon McNeil
Mr. Matt Melendez
Mr. Andrew Merrigan
Ms. Bobbi Middleton
Mr. Logan Miller
Ms. Isabelle Moerke
Ms. Josee Molina
Mr. Carlos Morales
Ms. Donna Morgan-Putzig
Ms. Daeyana Moss
Ms. Tania Moutaftsis
Ms. Noriko Nagamatsu
Mr. Dario Natarelli
Ms. Anamelissa Navarrete
Mr. Katrell Nickey
Ms. Samantha Nelson
Mr. Tansei Nonaka
Mr. Christopher Ogrodowski
Ms. Eliza Ohman
Ms. Sara Okubo
Ms. Naomi Olk
Ms. Marianne O'Reilly
Ms. Kate Owens
Ms. Kendall Owens
Ms. Kasandra Padua
Ms. Edwina Perez
Mr. Paul J. Pinkett
Mr. Andrew Pirozzi
Ms. Victoria Powers
Mr. Izumi Presberry
Ms. Angela Prestigiacomo
Ms. Kacey Prishwalko
Ms. Gail Quintos
Ms. Keila Ramos
Ms. Deashanique Ramsey
Mr. Kyle Reynolds
Ms. Madison Richards
Ms. Jasmin Rivera
Mr. Yisrael Robinson
Ms. MaKenna Rogers
Ms. Anjelica Roman
Ms. Kimberly Romano
Ms. Lizabeth Rosa
Ms. Anna Rossman
Ms. Nicole Rubino
Ms. Gabrielle Ruiz
Mr. Roman Ruiz
Ms. Sofia Rusanoff
Ms. Nozomi Saito
Ms. Michelle Segovia
Ms. Andrea Sevonty
Ms. Saleemah Sharpe
Ms. Tiffany Shelton
Ms. Noriko Shimabukuro
Ms. Brynn Shiovitz
Ms. Ashleigh Simmons
Ms. Layla Sky
Ms. Alexa Smith
Ms. Eboniqua Smith
Ms. Ariel Snipe
Mr. Matthew Sparks
Ms. Caitlin Spencer
Ms. Samantha Srolovitz
Mr. Noah Sterling
Ms. Meghan St. Amand
Ms. Lisa Stop
Ms. JoAnn Szaley
Ms. Mitsuru Toda
Ms. Maxine Uebelacker
Ms. Preslie Ulrich
Ms. Jaylyn Vann
Ms. Michelle Van Rooyen-Butijn
Ms. Julie Vegliante
Ms. Stephanie Vegliante
Ms. Anisa Vernon
Ms. Anya Vernon
Ms. Linda Viljamaa
Ms. Julia Walker
Ms. Amanda Wallace
Ms. Kaitlyn Way
Ms. Jessica Wilbert
Ms. Adia Williams
Ms. Donique Williams
Ms. Katelyn Williams
Ms. Kayla Williams
Ms. Moira Williamson
Ms. Julie Wilson
Ms. Tabatha Wooten
Ms. Alison Wright
Ms. Emily Wyatt
Ms. Makiko Yamamoto
Ms. Robyn Young
Ms. Caroline Zocco