The Big Apple Tap Festival 2016

November 11-13, 2016

The Big Apple Tap Festival

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Festival Faculty
Festival Description

The Tap Festival Included:
  • 'Star-Studded' Tap Faculty.
  • Master Classes in a Variety of Tap Styles.
  • Tap Technique and Warm-Up Classes.
  • Two Adult Programs (17+, Adults, Teachers, Studio Owners).
  • NEW & EXPANDED! Dedicated Adult Program (17+) for Advanced Beginners, on Two Days!
  • Dedicated Teens Program #1 (15-16 Yrs.).
  • Dedicated Teens Program #2 (13-14 Yrs.).
  • Dedicated Pre-Teens Program (10-12 Yrs.).
  • Participants Showcase at The Schomburg Center.
  • Award Ceremony.
  • Tap History Talks.
  • Video Presentation.
  • Related Events.

Festival Faculty:
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The 2016 Star Studded Faculty

Festival Description:
The Big Apple Tap Festival,
an intensive weekend of exciting events, included:

Tap Master Classes:
Bob Audy (assisted by Isabel Glasser and Alan Spaulding ),
Bril Barrett, Ofer Ben, Justin Boccitto, Brenda Bufalino,
Karen Callaway-Williams, Debbi Dee, Barbara Duffy,
Mercedes Ellington, DeWitt Fleming, Ray Hesselink,
Lisa Hopkins, Avi Miller, Gregg Russell, Germaine Salsberg,
Jimmy Tate, Dianne 'Lady Di' Walker
(assisted by Lia Spirka )
& Steve Zee

  • Eighteen leading tap artists taught inspiring Tap Master Classes, each in his/her own unique style and charisma.

Tap Exercises:
Jason Bernard, Denise Caston, Kathleen Cirioli, April Cook, Megan Maltos, Kendall Owens & Katharine Ponza
  • Warm-up sessions for each day with seven leading tap practitioners who taught the afternoon / morning tap drills - each with his/her own unique style and technique.

Participants Showcase:
Emceed by:
Ray Hesselink
  • A wonderful event concluded the second day of classes in the exciting Big Apple Tap Festival. Ray Hesselink emceed an informal Participants Showcase at The Schomburg Center Theater.

The Big Apple Tap Festival Award
to Tap Master Brenda Bufalino:

At the Participants Showcase
Presented By:
Dianne 'Lady Di'  Walker, Faculty & Friends
  • Dianne 'Lady Di'  Walker and members of the star-studded faculty presented
    Tap Master Brenda Bufalino with The Big Apple Tap Festival Award for "Outstanding Achievements & Significant Contribution To The Tradition And Art Of Tap Dance".

Tap History Talks:
Emceed by:
Debbi Dee
  • Debbi Dee conducted the 'Tap History Talks' session, which featured insights about members of the faculty and their contributions to the art of Tap Dancing.

Video Presentation:
Curated by:
Germaine Salsberg & Avi Miller
  • Germaine Salsberg & Avi Miller presented the audience with a compliation of tap video clips from various periods and various styles of tap.

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