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Randy's Favorite Tony Awards

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Randy Skinner's Favorite Tony Award Performances Through The Years

  • 1987 - "Bosom Buddies" from Mame
    Mame was the first Broadway musical I saw when I was on a field trip with my junior high school's drama department. I saw a replacement cast back then so I loved seeing the original stars, Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur reunite for this 1987 Tony telecast.

  • 1980 - "I'm Flying" from Peter Pan
    Sandy Duncan - perfection! Amazing energy with such warmth and truth in her performance. One of the great things about this business is meeting and hopefully working with people that you admire and respect and I got to do that with Ms. Duncan.

  • 1974 - "Charlie's Place" from Over Here!
    A show and score that really captured the spirit, sound and look of the 1940s. I love this era and everything that goes along with it and I thought Patricia Birch really evoked the period in the dancing.

  • 1972 - "You Can Dance With Any Girl At All" and "I Want To Be Happy" from No No Nanette
    This was such a stylish duet with Helen Gallagher and Bobby Van and it was so beautifully choreographed by Donald Saddler. And then to see screen legend Ruby Keeler tapping up a storm - well, that's all this Ohio boy needed to feed my Broadway dreams.

  • 1969 - "Turkey Lurkey Time" from Promises Promises
    This song and dance featured Donna McKechnie, Baayork Lee, and Margo Sappington dancing Michael Bennett's energetic choreography. I remember watching this number as a high school student and the impact it had on me. I was lucky to get to know all three of these remarkable ladies later in my career.

  • 1968 - "The Happy Time" from The Happy Time
    This is one of my earliest memories from when I first started watching the Tonys as a young student. I was immediately taken by the title song by Kander and Ebb and this led me to buy the cast album and discover this very melodic score.

  • 1987 - "Kickin The Clouds Away" from My One And Only
    There were so many people I knew in this show and it was really special to see them on stage. I love the moment when the piano keyboard drop rises to reveal Tommy Tune and Twiggy. Tommy Tune and Thommie Walsh choreographed this number that just keeps building and building.

  • "Keeps Building and Building"

  • 1986 "Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar" from Big Deal
    Brilliant Bob Fosse choreography and a tremendous ensemble of dancers.

  • 1995 - "On Broadway" from Smokey Joe's Cafe
    What a wonderful way to open the telecast with the guys on the actual street. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to create a similar montage opening for the 2001 Tonys with the revival of 42nd Street.

  • 1978 - "Sing Sing Sing" from Dancin'
    Again, exciting Bob Fosse choreography, incredible dancers headed by Ann Reinking and one of the all time great songs from the big band era. I can watch this number over and over again and still see new things.